Village Voice: December 2021

As we all begin to remove masks and socialise again at a pace and time that we each feel comfortable, it kind of feels like meeting people all over again for the first time, and indeed some of our newer Residents will not have seen what some of our Staff look like without masks. So, I thought this month I would share some current information about who our Staff are by answering some common questions. 

Village Voice: November 2021

As I sit and write this month’s newsletter, I am quite overcome with emotion, I cannot find the words to express how overwhelmingly proud I am of our Staff and the lengths that they will go to for Residents. Yesterday was ABBA day in the Manor and the Residents “travelled” to the Greek island from the movie Mamma Mia. They enjoyed a special Greek menu, were cared for by staff in full ABBA 70’s costumes, a concert was held where staff sang through masks and danced to ABBA music videos and the Residents clapped and cheered and the joy and excitement could be heard all around.

Village Voice: July 2021

There was something different about this 4th lockdown, I have noticed that people were generally struggling more this time around, politically any signs of the previous unified and dignified response had long disappeared and many people, myself included feel let down that despite everything we as individuals and as a collective, this wretched virus somehow re-emerged again from a foreseeable and preventable place (thanks South Australia).

Village Voice: June 2021

Last month it was an absolute delight to be able to resume normal monthly Residents’ meetings. As I write this, daily life continues to move closer to what we all remember as ‘normal’ and we find ourselves being able to attend groups, functions, activities and knock-on neighbours’ and friends’ doors once again to share cups of tea and conversation.

Village Baxter: May 2021

In mid-April our Company Chairman, Boyne Alley, passed away after living with pancreatic cancer for the last couple of years. Boyne had joined the Board some 17 years ago and had been Chairman for the last 12 years. The Village has been fortunate to have had Boyne’s contribution and his guidance over such a long period of time. Boyne had previously held very senior Executive positions with World Vision and Coles Myer, and in his later years worked (in a voluntary capacity) with a number of not for profit organisations including Baptist Union of Victoria, CPA Australia, Light FM, and Melbourne City Mission.

Village Voice: March 2021

Perseverance. Noun. Meaning: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. As I write this, images have begun to be sent back to earth from the Mars Rover “Perseverance” that touched down on the surface of Mars in February. It took only 215 days to travel from Cape Canaveral in Florida to Mars, however it took decades of planning and learning from previous missions. It will be fascinating to follow the Perseverance’s journey over the next couple of years and see more of the images and data that it sends back.