Village Voice: June 2022

As I write this, I am sitting in my study working from home, after more than 2 years of successfully avoiding Covid, I am one of the 68,426 Victorians that have registered a positive Covid test in the last week. The pandemic has seen huge change in working from home arrangements for office based staff and now, with my office phone diverted to my mobile, the ability to directly log into the servers at work and access all of my files online, having Microsoft Teams open to video or real time chat with staff and hold meetings and the staff to be able to see if I am active at my workstation or away from my desk, it has made working from home a very productive option for times this like.

Village Voice: May 2022

Thank-you to the 213 Resident’s who responded to our 2022 Village Baxter Resident Survey. This was over a 50% response rate which is higher than we have seen in some time. 95% of Residents Strongly Agreed (80%) or Agreed (15%) that they were happy with their decision to move in which is a wonderful overall result during what has been a very difficult 2 years.

Village Voice: February 2022

There are three documents that will make an enormous difference to how much control you have over your life and assets if an event arose and you were unable to express your choices and wishes yourself. Recently we have had situations arise in both Villages where Residents did not have these documents in place and it has caused enormous distress for families who were faced with many privacy related and legal roadblocks in trying to work through financial, care or estate issues.