Our Mission

The mission that guides us:

We are committed to providing high quality care, accommodation and service with Christian values.

The vision we desire to create:

A trusted leader serving the community with every person cared for, every person valued.

The values we uphold:

We value the Christian principles upon which the Village is based:

We embrace the opportunity for holistic Christian ministry demonstrating God’s love and compassion for all people. Our journey is guided by the Christian values of honesty, integrity, respect, generosity and humility.

We value Commitment:

Through the dedication and professionalism of our people, we strive for excellence in fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to us.

We value Care:

Through respect, concern and thoughtfulness, we uphold the dignity of each person.

We value Leadership:

With courage and confidence we inspire and nurture the desire for excellence.

We value the Service of our staff and volunteers:

The skills, knowledge and capacity of our staff and volunteers contribute to the lives of our people, our industry and our community.

We value our People as individuals:

All of our people have a lifetime of experience and knowledge, which we respect and recognise as we respond to their individual needs. We will trust, encourage, develop and support each other, as we contribute together to the wellbeing of our community.