In the News: Adapting to Ageing

Adapting to Ageing

The Village Baxter was lucky enough to host Joshua Tan and crew from Singapore’s ‘Challenge Tomorrow’ series as they researched how different countries adapted to their ageing population.

About the show:

‘In “CHALLENGE TOMORROW” concerned Singaporeans embark on personal journeys to understand some of Singapore’s greatest impending challenges: a slowing economy, disruptive technology that threatens thousands of jobs, a rapidly ageing citizenry, climate change and cyber threats to our security.’

Episode 4: Adapting to Ageing

“Actor, Joshua Tan, goes on a quest to find out how an ageing population is re-shaping societies in Japan, Australia, the United States and Singapore. Along the way, he discovers some hard truths about ageing and gains a new understanding about what it means to be an elderly person.”

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Information taken from Channel News Asia’s website.