Music Trivia: Week Four

We have had a couple of new teams join the quiz last week and we welcome them on board. You can join our music trivia quiz at any time and participate in the event and hopefully have a bit of fun. I suggest you form a group of staff, friends or family – anyone is welcome to participate.

When listening to each music clip, please make certain you listen to the full clip as they may be a bonus track for extra points. If this should happen, simply enter it in on your answer sheet.  Also, in round 6 you will listen to ‘Drift Away’. Ignore the song title in your answer – I am looking for the two iconic bands who are playing the song (not the original artist). 

Each week the music clip will change on Wednesday morning at 9.00 a.m.

It does not matter if you answer sheets arrive a bit late to me (other than the scoreboard will need adjusting). Please email to

The most recent results will be published on our website.