Music Trivia: Week One

In difficult times we need to try and keep some fun in our lives.

I have developed a music trivia quiz that can be done by individuals or a group at any time that suits you (in the evening, lunch time over a weekend etc).

The music covers all generations from the sixties to today (so a group with varying ages would be best).

You can access the quiz on the Village Baxter website on our News page where you can download the music clip and either download the answer sheet or make you own (clip number / song title / artist or band ). One point scored for each correct answer.

Most music clips will run for 10-25 seconds and may be the lead into the song or part of middle of the song. If you are playing it online, there will be a gap of 30 seconds between each track.

Each quiz has 15 song clips and there are 10 rounds (one per week). Each round will be on our website for one week only. Email the answer sheet to Results posted each week at

Have fun with the challenge.

Stuart Shaw