Residents’ Documents

Frequently used Residents’ Documents are included below.

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Making a change in your Unit:

If you would like to make a change such as installing a power point, expanding the garden bed size or fixing anything to the structure of the building to your unit, please complete the Alterations and Additions form

Alterations and Additions

If you would like to make a change in your bathroom, please use the Alteration and Additions Bathroom form

Alterations and Additions Bathroom

Enclosing a Veranda

If you have a unit that was built BEFORE 2001 and wish to enclosed your veranda, please read the information brochure and complete the Enclosed Veranda Request form. Verandas on Units with attached garages are not permitted to be enclosed with a permanent structure as the veranda forms part of the outdoor livable space required under our planning permit. Residents in these units may use the Alterations and Additions form to request permission to install outdoor blinds.

Enclosed Veranda Information Brochure

Enclosed Veranda Request

Feedback Forms

If there is something in the Village you would like to see changed or improved, or you would like to let Managment know you are unhappy about something but dont wish to make the matter an official compliant, please complete a Service Improvement Form.

Service Improvement Form

If you would like to make an official complaint or notify the Village about a dispute with another Resident, please use the Dispute and Official Complaints Form.

Dispute and Official Complaints Form

If you have comments or feedback you would like to provide about the Care and Services in the Manor or Lodge, I encourage you to contact the Director of Nursing to ensure that we can resolve the matter quickly. If you woud prefer not to do this, please use the Manor and Lodge Comments and Feedback form.

Manor and Lodge Comments and Feedback

Village Internet

Residents can apply to have an internet connection using the Village’s internet system using the request form in the link below. All internet use is subject to the fair use policy on page 2 of the form.

Request for Internet Form

General Village Information

The most recent version of the Resident Welcome kit, Privacy Policy and Village By-laws can be downloaded using the links below.

Welcome to Retirement Living

Privacy Policy

Village By-Laws