Independent Living Units

The Independent Units occupy the majority of the Village, and are as unique as the residents who live in them. There are eleven different styles of self-contained units from which to choose, the smallest being a one bedroom unit, and the largest having three bedrooms (or two bedrooms plus study) with attached garage. Each unit is fully self-contained and is priced according to its size and features.

Being a resident-funded retirement village, the occupation of the unit is covered by a lease conveying occupancy rights, obligations of both the Company and the resident and the repayment scheme of the capital sum. In general terms, a resident would expect to receive a repayment of around 65% of the original entry price of the unit at time of departure after 5 or more years occupation of the unit.

Once the resident is settled in the unit, they are free to decorate to their personal tastes. Our monthly service fee covers most of the major outlays for a resident, including council rates, contents insurance (up to $25,000), use of the community facilities, emergency use of nursing staff (including 24 hour maintenance of the emergency call system) and most internal and external maintenance of the property.

Floor Plans