The Manor

The Manor

In the Manor, we recognise the special gifts and qualities of each of our residents, family members and our staff. We have created a secure and stable environment where life, love and laughter abound.

Our Facilities

The Manor accommodates 60 Residents in single rooms with ensuites within an Edenising environment. Our common living areas include formal and informal lounges, formal and informal dining rooms, library, drawing room/craft/activities and a gym.

Our Aims

Helping families maintain joyful relationships …
The care of our Residents is a partnership with families. We encourage you to use our dining room as a restaurant and join your loved ones for a meal. Familiar relationships are important in enabling our Residents to continue to engage in the lives of their families.

Maintaining links with the community …
Residents are able to develop and maintain friendships through various groups within the Village and outings with family members.

Recognising the value of companionship …
The Manor has four individual houses each accommodating 15 Residents in single suites. Each house has a lounge/kitchenette that encourages friendships to be nurtured.
One of our four houses is additionally secure with keypad access doors and accommodates Residents with dementia in a smaller secure, familiar area.

A secure environment nestled within a caring retirement community…
In a secure, stable environment, life can still be spontaneous. Our lifestyle program is specifically tailored to supporting the needs of all Residents and embracing each moment as a valued lived experience.

Our Care Levels

The Manor is a ‘high-level care’ facility and Residents entering the facility are required to have Aged Care Assessment Approval for ‘high-level care’. Please be aware that priority entry to the Manor is given to Residents in the Village’s Aged Care Facilities. There is a waiting list for the Manor and times are variable depending on the availability of beds.


Application Process

1. Obtain an Aged Care Assessment, referrals can be made through your doctor.

2. Once you have undergone your assessment, the Assessment Officer will discuss your future accommodation options with you and inform you if you require low-level care.

3. For permanent entry, please complete an Assets Test Application Form available from Centrelink or DVA.

4. Complete our application form attaching your assessment and the results of your Assets Test.

5.  On receipt of your information, we will contact you to discuss your care needs, set up an appointment to tour the facility, discuss our waiting list time and our ability to offer you a suitable suite.

All applications are assessed and evaluated by our staff on the ability of the facility to safely meet the assessed care needs and the relationship between the assessed care needs and the Government Aged Care Funding Instrument. There is no guarantee that an application will be accepted or that an appropriate suite will be available when required. Acceptance of an application is not an offer of placement. Village Baxter Residents are offered priority on the waiting list, however, they are subject to the standard evaluation and assessment process, and there is no guarantee that if the Village Resident’s application is accepted that a suitable place will be immediately available. The Village reserves the right to decline an application for placement at any time without explanation. Aggressive and/or abusive behaviour toward Village staff by Residents and/or families is a risk to the health and safety of our staff and will result in the rejection of application or withdrawal of an offer of placement.