Village Voice: April 2023

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year; the weather cools, trees break into rainbows of changing colour, and on April 2nd daylight savings time ends and our clocks fall back an hour. It may be the “extra” hour to sleep in, the many public holidays, or just the milder weather in April that makes everything seem a little more relaxed. It’s a great time of year! 

Village Voice: March 2023

Last month I shared information on our Governing body and company structure and this month I cover our Organisational Departments and Senior Management Team.  The chart here shows our 3 main service areas and their departments. The area bound by the dark orange box is the part of the Village operations that is funded by the monthly service fees of Village Baxter Residents.

Village Voice: October 2022

The Victorian Seniors Festival is a month-long program recognising and celebrating senior Victorians. This year marks the 40th anniversary of this wonderful event. The evolution of Seniors Week into a month-long festival focusing on positive ageing and the passing last month of the Queen, who was still working and performing official duties at 96 years of age, prompted me to reflect on the capacity of people to continue to accomplish remarkable things well into their senior years.

Village Voice: July 2022

The human need for certainty is a very strong influence on our lives. For some people when they are feeling that this need is not being met in a way that they prefer, they will get worried and anxious, others will respond proactively and seek information, some will choose to create rumours or become angry. The closure of the Lodge is an event that has created some uncertainty, and although we have provided written information, verbal information at Resident meetings, I have responded to telephone calls and people calling in to ask questions in person. I am aware that there is still some level of worry about what the closure of the Lodge means for them as individuals. I want to provide all Residents with more reassurance that we will continue to provide the same kinds of care that we always have.