Village Baxter Residents’ Committee

Current Committee Members

Members for 2020-21:
Des Stewart
Heather Charman
Mary Cooper
Cate Nelson
Harry Jones
Ian Jack
Ken Sleep
Graham Jones
Norman Eyers

Village Baxter Residents’ Commitee Constitution.

The Village Baxter Residents’ Committee can and should be approached by residents if they require clarification or assistance on any Village issues


In 1986, the State Government introduced legislation into the Parliament covering certain operations of Retirement Villages, to provide legislative protection for residents of Villages.  This legislation, known as the Retirement Villages Act was subsequently proclaimed and, unless exemptions have been obtained from the Act, the Act must be adhered to.

One of the features of the Act was to provide a mechanism whereby residents of a Village had a formal opportunity to influence the way in which their Village operated through the establishment of an elected ‘Residents’ Committee’. The Village Baxter has adopted this approach and the ‘Village Baxter Residents’ Committee’, was established through the formation of a constitution voted upon by the residents of the Village in 1988 and includes amongst other things, the following main purposes:

  • To represent the interests of all Residents.
  • To discuss with Management matters affecting the body of Residents.
  • To provide a forum that allows discussion on proposed courses of action and initiatives.
  • To peruse financial information submitted by Management.
  • To call meetings of residents.
  • To act as an arbiter on any disputes covered by the Act.
  • To liaise with other Village Committees.
  • To liaise with Government Departments if necessary.


The election of the Village Baxter Residents’ Committee takes place annually during the period 1st September to 31st October.

Nominations are called for at the Village Annual General Meeting All nominations are displayed on notice boards as received and retiring committee members are eligible for re-election if nominated.  Committee members are elected for a period of 12 months.   In the event of more than ten nominations being received, a ballot will be held.

One vote per unit is allowed and completed ballot papers must be lodged by the date and time shown on the ballot paper.  Should a difference on voting preferences arise between occupants of a unit the person whose name appears first on the lease has the voting entitlement. 


The Village Baxter Residents’ Committee meetings are held monthly. The day and time thereof to be decided by the Committee.

The Committee submits a report on its monthly meeting in the Village Voice for Residents’ information.