Village Voice – November 2017

November 2017

Open Day Reflection

One of the great joys of the year is our annual Open Day and Fete and last month’s was a wonderful success. Thank-you so much to everyone who contributed their time and efforts into making it such a fantastic day.

It was very reassuring to have so many people come to see our units and be so impressed with our Village. I often encourage people to visit other Villages and combine all they have seen to make a wish list of what they really want in a Retirement Unit and Senior Living Community and then if we match that list, to come and see our Sales Manager. I was quite delighted to have one couple politely decline telling me that this is where their parents were and this is where they will be, no need to see anything else. One of the best endorsements for our Village comes in the form of Residents following in their parents footsteps and moving in to enjoy the retirement lifestyle they saw their parents enjoy and from staff who recommend our services to their families. It was a joy to have current residents come into the display units and hear them sharing all the things they love about the Village and the peace of mind their choice to move in gave them and their families.

People were surprised by our waiting lists – new applicants for units with a garage should expect to be waiting at least 8 years, however 2 bedroom units without a garage (the majority of our units) are much more available and new applicants should expect to be waiting approximately 6 months. The waiting list varies according to specific wish list preferences, for instance an end unit on entry 4 would be a longer wait than a middle of a block unit nearer to Stotts Lane. The other surprise for people was that our Manor and memory support (dementia care) unit is not closed to the public, we always offer Village residents priority when a place becomes available, however we are often able to accommodate people from our local community as well.

Some people were surprised to hear that we also have a Community Care service offering in-home care and support in the Village and throughout the Mornington Peninsula. Veterans can receive subsidised care through our Veterans Home Care Program and we are also an approved Home Care Package Provider for Residents eligible for Commonwealth Home Care Packages. The Day Centre is a wonderful social outlet for people who benefit from the activities, hot main meals, bus escorted outings and also provides peace of mind for carers of spouses or parents who could be at risk of falls or other things if left alone at home. The carer can then relax and go to appointments, play golf, go shopping, to work etc knowing that their loved one is safe and well looked after.

The Village Baxter is definitely the place be…

Enjoy the warmer spring weather,

Kim Jackson, Executive Manager

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