Village Voice: April 2018

April 2018

Manor and Lodge and what is an Aged Care Home

Years ago the distinction between low care (Hostels) and High Care (Nursing Homes) was really clear and everyone understood that eventually someone would probably move from the Hostel to Nursing Home. In July 2014 this clear line of distinction was removed by the Commonwealth Government and all hostels and nursing homes became collectively known as Aged Care Homes.

The Village planned for this change and we extended the Lodge and closed the old Hostel to ensure that the Lodge would be able to meet the needs of high care residents. Several staffing changes were made last year and the transition is complete, we no longer need to relocate residents between the Manor and Lodge (unless someone specifically needs the Memory Support Unit).

For our Aged Care Homes, we now run one single waiting list for both the Manor and Lodge as there is no distinction between the two facilities. The memory support waiting list is separate for this specialised placement. In order to be eligible to be offered a place, two pieces of documentation must be provided to the Village:

1. The myagedcare approval that says the person has Government approval for Permanent Residential Care and
2. The letter received back from Centrelink that shows the result of the person’s Combined Income and Assets Assessment.

The Centrelink letter is very important because that shows if you are eligible for Government support for your accommodation and we keep over 40% of our places for people who fall into that category. This can take up to a month to receive back from Centrelink so it is important to ensure that it is completed as early as possible when a move to permanent residential care is looking likely.

Once we have received both of the above pieces of documentation, we can place a person on the waiting list and then offer a suitable place when one becomes available.

Recently we have had a small number of supported places available in the Manor and we have been able to offer them to people outside of the Village as there were no eligible Village residents with the completed documentation or the place was refused because the residents still clung to the past way of thinking the Lodge was different to the Manor.

The full refurbishment and renovation of the Manor last year has been wonderful for the Residents and Staff, please don’t miss out on a place in care because you don’t realise that the Manor and Lodge offer the same kinds of care.

Til next month.
Kim Jackson, Executive Manager

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