Village Voice: July 2018

July 2018

End of Financial Year

July – a new financial year, winter has well and truly set in, hopefully we have all had our flu shots and staying warm, time marches on and you wonder where did the last 6 months go? One thing is for certain, life continues at a hectic pace for many of us, and smelling the roses seems a long way off.

However, I can give you an update on a variety of matters and some other information that may be of interest. In no particular order:

We now have a new yellow complaints form for use if you are lodging a formal complaint under the Retirement Village Act. This change has come about through changes to the legislation which now require us to make the form more informative. The result is the simple one page form that we used to use has now become nine pages.   The one page green form can still be used for comments, complaints or suggestions for other matters outside of the legislation.

At the last residents’ meeting, I advised the group that our planning application for the 4 units opposite 916 – 920 has now been lodged with Council for a planning permit. A drawing of the development has been placed in the Clarke, Manning and Parkside centres.

Also at the last residents’ meeting, I discussed the current level of demand for our Lodge and Manor and the reality that some patience is required at this time. To ensure no unnecessary delays, if you are needing to relocate into either of our aged care facilities, you should ensure that all your necessary paperwork has been completed – referrals, financials etc. This then sparked the comment that we should again run the seminar on “Making the Transition from Independent Living to Aged Care” with updates. This has been arranged for 4th July at 11.00 in the Chapel. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Crank/ Spam callers – many residents have had Microsoft, Telstra, NBN and other similar organisations claiming that your computer has a virus and needs to be checked, someone has hacked your computer and requires a reboot, your phone is out of order etc etc. My view is simple – if there is any delay in responding once you pick up the handset, hang up. If the call comes straight through to you and these (or similar) claims are made – hang up. If you think the call is legitimate, ask for the person’s identification number and then check with the company concerned (look up the phone number yourself – do not use the phone number they may have given you). 

And, finally, a quick update on Rosebud. We have welcomed 2 new residents who moved in late June. We are currently refurbishing the vacant units as we have another 5 people who are waiting to join us. We are yet to start any advertising as we have no units to actually show to prospective residents, so these potential residents have all arrived through word of mouth. This is a very pleasing start for the Village.

Stay warm.

Stuart Shaw, General Manager

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