Village Voice: November 2018

November 2018

Developments Update

With Open day adding another 10 names to our waiting list, and consumer demand to move into the Village healthy and strong, I was delighted to open my email this morning and see that Frankston Council has issued final approval for building the 4 remaining units in the 900’s.

Site works may have already commenced by the time this newsletter is received. The redevelopment works near the Manning Centre continue with a planning permit expected to be lodged shortly for the next stage of units on the area where we recently demolished vacated units.

The planning permit for the first stage of the Grant Centre redevelopment is expected to be submitted in early November. We anticipate that this will take some months to work through the Council approval process before moving into the detailed drawing and service planning process that comes after Council approval and in itself takes months of preparation. I hope that by this time next year we can begin to set timeframes for the demolition of the remaining North area apartments and when site works will commence.

There are also some minor works to be done in the Lodge music room / kitchen area to improve the quality of the space there. Although these works are very minor, the Lodge is an Aged Care Home so they will require a building permit and the drawings required as part of this process have been requested.

Refurbishment works both at Village Baxter and Rosebud Village continue with neither Village having any unsold completely refurbished units, which is very pleasing. There was a large backlog of unit refurbishments that had to be completed for the 15 vacant units at Rosebud Village when it was purchased in April and this process is near completion with additional Units being vacated since then.

Units at Rosebud are selling as they are nearing completion and it is pleasing to see community interest in the Village building, in both Villages, units do take approximately 6 months from final key hand back to new resident occupation, so please be assured that even when it looks like not much is happening, the sales / refurbishment process is not currently impacted by any of the negative property market media attention.

Enjoy spring in the Village with the warmer days, sunshine and gardens with their beautiful blooms.

til next month

Kim Jackson, Executive Manager

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