Village Voice: October 2018

October 2018

Royal Commission

The Government’s decision to call a Royal Commission into Aged Care has been welcomed by Providers, Resident Advocates and Industry Groups.

There is no doubt that the cases of ill-treatment that have been highlighted in the recent media are horrifying and unacceptable, but I would say in all my years of working in health and aged care I have never personally seen the kinds of things that the media are revealing. The vast majority of homes provide excellent care and the vast majority of staff, nurses and care workers are proud of their wonderful contribution to the lives of older Australians.

The Royal Commission will focus on many aspects of aged care including looking at the level of funding, the expectations of what services are required to provide for the level of funding and the true cost of providing the level of care we expect for older people. At present there are said to be over 100,000 people waiting for an appropriate Aged Care Package and this will only grow longer as the population ages.

The Royal Commission gives the whole Aged Care Industry including consumers, families, staff, governments, providers and advocacy groups an opportunity to speak out on the issues impacting their ability to access or provide the best care possible.

I encourage you to keep an interest in the Royal Commission and when the opportunity to provide feedback and submissions arise, the Village will share our views on what makes an excellent, quality service and I encourage you to do the same.

In the interim, please know that some of the stories you see in the media, often have multiple sides and potential causes. A good example is the pureed food being fed to people that was seen in one media report … what the story did not report is that this kind of special diet is essential for people who are unable to chew or swallow ordinary food properly, and that feeding a person in this condition anything other than food that is pureed would cause them to choke and suffer terrible harm.

There is no doubt that the media focus on the negative side of ageing will continue, if you see or hear anything that worries you about our care and services, please make contact with myself, Kim Male our Community Care Manager, Bridget Robinson our Manor Director of Nursing, or Danni Campbell-Manley our Lodge and Village Director of Nursing, or feel free to use any of the feedback forms located throughout the Village.

Enjoy Open Day and the warmer weather

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Kim Jackson, Executive Manager

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