Village Voice: September 2018

September 2018

Spring Time

Spring is in the air, and, based upon the last few days of August with crisp mornings and beautiful days, roll on spring – enough winter!

Of course, this is a really busy time of year as we prepare our statutory accounts for audit, schedule the Annual General Meeting of Residents under the Retirement Villages Act  (25th September if you want to put the date in your calendar), and of course prepare for Open Days at Frankston South and Rosebud.

In the meantime, we have a planning permit for the 4 units at the junction of the 900’s Road and entrance 4 which will be commencing in the near future. This will complete the missing 4 units (921, 922, 923 & 924) in the 900 series.

We have also met with our architect on progressing the next stage of Manning around the croquet lawn and where the units were demolished earlier this year. The plans are being prepared for lodgement with Council seeking a permit for 8 units on this site, with six being able to be completed in the immediate future. This development also provides for another link road between Entrance 3 roadway and across to the east towards the Grant Centre. This is an integral part of our redevelopment to try and provide a better road network to more of our units.

Finally, we looked at another draft of our apartment complex planned for the area between entrances 1 and 2 opposite the Lodge. We revised our initial thoughts and are looking to establish 36 apartments immediately opposite the Lodge. We think this will be a better starting point for the project rather than our initial thoughts about stage 1 going along entrance 1. I would expect this proposal to reach Council later this year and will be an interesting discussion point with the officers and councillors.

Turning our attention back to the immediate future, we are always looking for volunteers for Open Day and if you able to give an hour or so of your time it would be appreciated. Many hands make for light work. Please contact any of the social clubs or other groups who will put you to work to raise funds for the Village. Of course, we would also like you to invite family and friends to the Village on the day to enjoy the festivities.

If you happen to be a football fan, then finals time is also on us. As some of you know, I am a Swans supporter (or South Melbourne supporter for accuracy) and, whilst I am happy for them to reach the finals this year, I am not certain they are playing a brand of football that will take out the prize. Hope springs eternal – go swannies.

Till next month

Stuart Shaw, General Manager

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