Village Voice: December 2019

End of a Decade

As 2019 ends and a new year, and new decade begins, I reflected back to where we were in 2009 and our goals and dreams for the coming years and re-read some older village voice covers from that time.
Our big goals were:

  • Completion and opening of Parkside
  • Installation of solar panels through the Government incentive program
  • Resolution to the teething issues with the new phone system
  • Demolition of the North Hostel area to make way for the Lodge redevelopment
  • Demolition of units in Manning to make way for the first stages of redevelopment
  • Building to commence on the firsts of new units in entry 2
  • Continuation of the fence from entry 6 to 2
  • Reduce our impact on the environment through better recycling of resources

      Our departmental goals were

  • Our Independent units will continue to provide affordable housing for retired people
  • Our Daycentre will touch the lives of many people in the community
  • Our Manor will nurture our frailest friends in the evening of their lives
  • The Lodge and Hostel will continue to grow as one unit
  • Homecare will share in the lives of thousands of families in our community enabling them to stay in the family home as long as they wish
  • Administration will hold all of us together, united in commitment to providing high quality care, accommodation and service with Christian values.

It is reassuring to see that our big goals were all achieved and in most cases exceeded. The Manning redevelopment is well over half way completed, the phone system includes internet services at a rate cheaper and faster than anywhere I have ever seen. The Lodge redevelopment was completed and the former Hostel became apartments. The fence was completed and gates were later installed adding an additional level of security and the recycling bins were rolled out throughout the Village and Aged Care Facilities
Our affordable retirement living units are now located on two sites, the Day Centre is accredited and continues to provide more services than the funding requires, we have grown our Homecare Packages from 13 to over 80 and our long term Administration team and Board continue to provide support as the Company grows, changes and adapts to new regulations and requirements.
It is my hope that by December 2029 we will have

  • Completed the Manning redevelopment
  • Completed redeveloping the Grant Centre Site
  • Rebuilt Administration to accommodate the expanding Community Care department
  • Increased the overall number of independent units across our sites ensuring more people have access to affordable retirement housing
  • Commenced redevelopment of the older units at the East end of the Village
  • Commenced redevelopment of the Manor and Lodge which will be approaching the end of their useful building lifespans.

As always, achievement of any goal requires a combined effort across the organisation, with everyone focused and united in our commitment to providing high quality care, accommodation and service with Christian values.
On behalf of the Board and Staff, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year.
Kim Jackson, Executive Manager