Village Voice: February 2019

Marie Kondo’s book and Netflix TV show about the “life-changing magic of tidying up” has captivated households all over the country. The focus is not on finding new ways to store clutter and tidy up mess, it’s about holding onto things that ‘spark joy’ and clearing our homes and lives of things that no longer serve us by being grateful for the role the item played and then recycling things so they may bring joy to others.

This led me to reflect on the wonderful diversity of lives and interests our Village Staff and Residents have and on how we all have the Village in common as something in our lives that “sparks joy”.

There are of course times when the joy is a little harder to spark, but thankfully for most of us, this is not a common occurrence and I am always delighted by the smile that spreads across people’s faces when they hear I work at Village Baxter. It seems wherever I go in Australia, someone always knows the Village and has something positive to say about us.

As we move into February, generally our hottest month and it’s a little harder to sleep when the night is hot (and our tolerance for things that don’t spark joy is a little lower than usual) please remember to drink lots of water and try to stay cool. If you don’t have your own air-conditioning please make use of the various communal buildings we have around the Village, the Grant Centre Café and the Clarke Kiosk sell ice creams if you need a cool snack.

Please keep an eye out for your neighbours, if you are worried that a neighbour is not answering their door, or is home but unusually quiet, please let the Village Nurses know and they can pop in and check everything is ok. It is easy to become dehydrated after a couple of hot days and nights and this can leave people more vulnerable to falling and infections.

Take care in the warmer weather

Kim Jackson, Executive Manager