Village Voice: September 2019

Maintenance and Repair of Private Equipment

Each time I have to replace a piece of equipment (most recently my washing machine) it seems the new one is more complicated and needs “extra” things. Unfortunately this is a common issue for all of us. Recently we have had a number of requests for maintenance to attend to issues that relate to personal equipment.

The following are a few examples that I am hopeful will assist everyone’s understanding where the boundary between private and Village maintenance falls.

Resident’s own washing machine broke down:
This is not covered by your service fees and you need to arrange your own repairs. At our Village in Frankston we are responsible for the water pipes and taps but you are responsible for what you connect to them.

Internet not working
If the problem is with the Network or a fault with the modem we have supplied then it is a Village Baxter issue and often requires subcontractors to resolve these major problems and they attend as soon as possible and this is a Village Baxter maintenance cost. However if the problem is with your computer, your computer settings, if you turned the wifi off by mistake, your smart TV won’t pick up Netflix, the modem that you provided yourself is not working on our Network, if you pressed the “reset” button on the Village Baxter supplied modem, or if your grandkids spilled juice on the keyboard, then the cost of service and repair is a private expense and not covered by your service fees and you will receive a bill for this service.

Common Garden Spaces
These are maintained by Village Baxter and Residents are not permitted to plant into them. This is particularly important in areas bordering our wildlife corridor and remanent bushland areas as these areas are protected and people interfering with them could be subject to Council penalties. It is important that we maintain safe, efficient and affordable grounds and gardening services and this goal is complicated when Residents extend gardens into common areas around units without approval as it impedes the natural flow of lawn mowing and reduces the quality of the cut when the mower is forced to divert around unapproved areas. This can then create some uncomfortable and expensive conversations for Residents as the unapproved garden area has to be removed and restored at the Resident’s expense.

I hope that these simple examples assist you in knowing who to call if an issue arises.

Annual General Meeting of Residents
The Annual General Meeting of Village Baxter Residents will be held on 24th September 2019 at 10.15 in the Village Chapel. The Annual General Meeting of Rosebud Residents will be held on 26th September 2019 at 10.30 in the Community Centre. I encourage you all to participate in the election of your Resident Committees. The Committees having an important role in representing all Residents in their communications with Management.

I hope by the time this goes to print that Spring has sprung, the weather has turned and we can finally enjoy some blue sky and sunshine.

Open Day
Plenty of work has gone into open day again this year and we think that there will be something for everyone – even if it’s a sausage sizzle or face painted! Please encourage your family and friends to come down and see both Villages with Baxter on 12th October and Rosebud on 19th October (conveniently a week apart to enable people to see both Villages).