Village Voice: August 2020

Who are we?

With Covid dominating the news, I thought it may be a nice time to reflect on who we are as a Village Community and to consider what a large diverse group of people we serve.

Each 3 years, the Village undergoes a formal valuation as part of our annual financial audit process. The valuation always provides some interesting demographic insights and this time we are able to compare the Baxter and Rosebud Villages. It is reassuring to see that both populations are very similar and confirms our view that the purchase of Rosebud Village from Stockland was consistent with our style of Village and business operations.

The site upon which Village Baxter operates has been a Retirement Village since 1974. There are currently 453 units with 4 more currently under construction (please note that not all our current units are occupied as we redevelop the Village). The site upon which Rosebud Village operates has been a Retirement Village since 1980. There are currently 105 units.

How do the Village’s compare?

Number of UnitsVillage BaxterRosebud Village
1 bedroom units6925
2 bedroom units33477
2 bedroom + study units503
Currently under construction40
Community Centres41
Independent Living Unit Resident
Population Demographics
Village BaxterRosebud Village2019 Industry Average for Villages
Number of units453 units105 units112 units
Residents living in the Independent Units549 People93 People147 People
Average number of Residents per unit1.33 People1.03 People1.32 people
Average Age of Current Residents82.2 years84.7 years81 years
Average Age of New Residents74.1 years74 years74 years
Average Age of Female Resident82 years84.7 yearsN/A
Average Age of Male Residents82.8 years84.8 yearsN/A
Ratio of Females to Males1.95:11.82:11.58:1
Average years living in the Village
(current Residents)
8.4 years8.3 years8.5 years
Average time in the Village (Residents who have relocated)11.3 years13.7 years9 years

The Annual General Meeting of Residents due to be held in September will mostly likely not be able to be held in person and will be via video conference meeting. Details of this will be provided later in the month. We will ensure that there is enough notice for questions to be asked and the details usually contained in the Chairman’s presentation provided to you. 

Please continue to wear masks whenever leaving your unit, stay safe and keep warm.

‘Til next month

Kim Jackson, CEO