Village Voice: November 2020

Staying In Touch

As we open up and move towards a Covid Safe Victoria, staying in touch and getting information quickly is even more important than ever. If we become aware of a Covid exposure risk in our local area, the fastest way we can communicate this to you is via email. Many Residents don’t check their mailboxes every day and this delays the sharing of information so we encourage you or a relative to subscribe to our newsletter updates.

The Village uses a website called “MailChimp’” to email our Covid updates, Newsletters, Village Voice and other relevant information. If you or your family want to receive these updates, you need to subscribe to them using the form on our website. Just open our site (, scroll all the way to the bottom and enter your email address and your first name in the little boxes and click Sign Up.

As I write this, the warm Spring morning sun is coming through my office window and the air smells clean and fresh. It is a great time of the year and a wonderful time for the Covid safe restrictions to be easing and to enjoy the outdoors, shopping centers and gatherings in parks and safe spaces.

We have all moved a little less (for some of us … a LOT less) over recent months and our stamina, balance and exercise tolerance may not be what it was back in February. Please take care of yourself while we get back to normal life again, it is ok to move a little more slowly or take a walking stick or to use the handrails while you rebuild your strength. Pay particular attention to balance and supporting yourself when you travel on an escalator, step backwards or bend over to pick something up.

Enjoy the sunnier days, eased covid safe restrictions and spending time with friends, family and loved ones again.

Kim Jackson, CEO