Village Voice: October 2020

Local Council Elections

Local Council Elections will be held by postal vote in October. The Victorian Electoral Commission will post ballot packs to all enrolled voters after Tuesday 6th of October.

The ballot pack will contain:
• a ballot paper attached to statements and photographs lodged by the candidates in your council or ward
• a ballot paper envelope with a flap
• voting instructions
• a reply-paid envelope.

You must return your vote before Friday 23rd of October. There is an Australia Post Box located in Robinsons Road just outside gate 4 or you can drop your ballot into one of our red internal post boxes for posting by reception on the next business day. The Covid pandemic has significantly impacted postal delivery times so please ensure that you return your vote quickly to avoid a fine.

The over 70’s exemption from Council Voting no longer exists in Victoria following changes to the law that were made for the 2020 Local Council Elections. Unless you have been removed from the electoral roll for health reasons, you are required to vote.

I encourage Residents to learn about the candidates and participate in the democratic process. At the time of writing this article, the nomination process had not yet closed, so I am unable to provide you with any information on the candidates. Information on the candidates will be contained in the ballot pack. If the Village is supplied with campaign materials from candidates, these will be left in a pile in the mailrooms for interested Residents to collect. The Village strongly discourages Residents from campaigning door to door on behalf of candidates in any election as this always creates unrest and distress for some Residents.

More information on the Frankston City Council Elections is available on their website.
and also on the Victorian Electoral Commission website

Take care,
Kim Jackson, CEO.