Village Voice: April 2021


The celebration of Easter brings hope to millions of people around the world and reminds us all that no matter what uncertainties we face today, or what we have endured over the past year, that we are not alone, and we all have the chance to begin anew.

April is the time when we plan our budgets for the coming financial year and we consider the financial performance to date, where we are likely to be at the end of the financial year and what changes we need to incorporate for the coming year. Each of our department managers have the opportunity to provide input into this process to ensure that our services can function at the highest standard.

We also complete our annual overall performance appraisals for most of our staff. The staff member meets with their Manager to reflect upon the past year and set professional goals for the coming year. As part of the appraisal process, staff are asked to consider responses to the following questions in advance of meeting with their Manager and then make a time to talk about their responses with their Manager.

What do you do well?

What should you stop doing?

What should you start doing?

Since your last review, what is something you are really proud of?

What are you hoping to accomplish over the next year?

How do you help your team succeed?

This annual appraisal is in addition to the normal education and performance monitoring processes we have in place and provides a “bookend” to the previous year and an opportunity to move forward with new goals and hopes for the coming year. I am immensely proud of our team of Staff and how well they have managed over this past year to continue to deliver care and services in very challenging circumstances. Reflecting upon the work of the Staff over the past year gives me reassurance and hope for the coming year and our capacity to adapt to whatever changes are imposed upon us by Government or other circumstances.

The events of the past year have caused us all to reflect upon our lives and how we can find ways to fulfil our human needs for purpose and connection.  There are many activities and groups in the Village that need volunteers and participants to keep them going, if you have some time to spare and would like to help, but are not sure where to start, please talk with our Village Activities Coordinator, Anne Maree (located in Grant Centre) who can help you connect with groups and activities around the Village.

Til next month,

Kim Jackson, CEO