Village Voice: December 2021


As we all begin to remove masks and socialise again at a pace and time that we each feel comfortable, it kind of feels like meeting people all over again for the first time, and indeed some of our newer Residents will not have seen what some of our Staff look like without masks. So, I thought this month I would share some current information about who our Staff are by answering some common questions. 

How many Staff do we employ?

As at 24 November 2021 there are 304 Staff employed directly by Village Baxter, however only 275 of those Staff are currently actively working at present – the other 29 staff are either on extended leave transitioning to Retirement or have 2 jobs and because of Covid restrictions that have not permitted staff to work at multiple sites, they been away working with their other employer. We are very excited to be welcoming those staff back to our rosters in December.

Are all of the Staff Vaccinated?

We are fully vaccinated, and many staff have begun to receive their third Covid Vaccine dose.

Is everyone full time?

40 work full time, 175 work part time and 89 are casual.

What broad demographic categories do staff fall into?

We range from 19 to 77 years. 4 of us are under 20, 27 are in their 20’s, 64 are in their 30’s, 54 are in their 40’s, 97 are in their 50’s and 50 are in their 60’s and 8 are in their 70’s.

How long have Staff worked at the Village?

Our average full-time employee has worked with us for 9 years, the average part time employee for 8 years and the average casual employee for just over 3 years. Our longest serving employee has been with us for 38 years, 20 Staff have been here for more than 20 years and our newest staff member just joined us this week.

On behalf of all 304 of us, I would like to wish you a safe and Merry Christmas and hope that you are able to spend time enjoying the company of family, friends and loved ones. Individually and collectively, we have made it through a difficult couple of years and I look forward to hanging a new 2022 calendar in my kitchen and welcoming in a new year that I hope will be very different to the last two.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Kim Jackson, CEO