Village Voice: February 2021

Who Are Our Staff?

It has now been a year since we were last able to have a Residents’ meeting, to see each other in large gatherings, talk together and introduce new Staff.  This caused me to reflect on how distant this encourages us to feel from each other and in response I wanted to share some information about who we are as a group of staff.

We are a team of 306 people, 275 of us are women and 31 are men. 219 of us choose to work in permanent roles and 87 staff prefer to work in casual positions to give them more flexibility to balance home, study and other personal commitments. At 19 years of age, our youngest Staff member works in the Manor and our Staff member who has enjoyed the most birthdays – all 76 of them, works in Community Care. We are a very stable workforce, 17 Staff have been with the Village for more than 20 years and 3 have been with us for more than 30 years. Our longest Serving Staff member, with 37 years’ service works in the Lodge and at the time of writing, our newest Staff member started today in Community Care. On average, Permanent Staff have worked with us for over 8 years, and casual staff for 3 years.

There are some differences within each Department’s group of Staff and I have included these in the table below. I have also included a row showing the most Senior Manager responsible for the Department, acknowledging that some Managers have responsibilities that reach across multiple departments and I have included them to the left of the second last row. The Manor includes our Laundry for Manor and Lodge so it is expected they would have higher staff numbers than the Lodge. Bridget, our Manor DON, also oversees and mentors Antionette, our Lodge DON. All Staff with offices in Main Administration are included in the Administration column. Independent Units includes Maintenance, Nurses and Community Centre Staff.

Village Baxter has a “servant leader” approach to Management firmly embedded in our culture and identity as an organisation. Key to this approach is that the role of the Manager is to provide education, guidance, leadership and support to the Staff who deliver the care and services to our Residents and Clients. There are no “orders from the top” but instead a senior team responsible for creating a stable and reliable base focused on the needs of our Residents and Clients from which our Staff can deliver the care and services we are known for. It is a different approach to many other organisations, however it was well engrained in our Staff culture by Stuart Shaw when I started over 20 years ago and continues to be a core component of our future.