Village Voice: July 2021

Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
– Fred Rogers

There was something different about this 4th lockdown, I have noticed that people were generally struggling more this time around, politically any signs of the previous unified and dignified response had long disappeared and many people, myself included feel let down that despite everything we as individuals and as a collective, this wretched virus somehow re-emerged again from a foreseeable and preventable place (thanks South Australia). However it is easy to talk about “failures” of quarantine or QR codes or compliance with the Covid safe rules, but we have to remember that no system is perfect. We are so very fortunate here in Australia to have the resources to enable the availability of multiple lines of defence and there is so much we can do to drive the virus away again. 

I have previously shared an earlier version of the Swiss Cheese drawing – a clear visual reminder that no single layer is perfect but when we as individuals and as a community, meet our personal and shared responsibilities ,we can make a difference. Australia continues to be the envy of the world in how successful we have been at reducing the spread. 

If you can get vaccinated. I urge you to join “the helpers”, – the 6.5 million Australians who have already had at least their first dose and book your vaccination with your GP or with one of the may mass vaccination hubs in the local community. Victoria leads the country in vaccination rates and I am delighted to report that despite vaccine supply and appointment availability issues we now have over 161 or our 304 staff who have had at least their first dose of vaccine and more staff are coming forward each week to join in the collective effort to help improve our covid defences for ourselves, our families and our community.

If you haven’t already made an appointment for your vaccine, you can book online using the link below or contact your local GP as most local GP Clinics are providing vaccinations.

Kim Jackson, CEO