Village Voice: June 2021

Knock on Wood

Last month it was an absolute delight to be able to resume normal monthly Residents’ meetings. As I write this, daily life continues to move closer to what we all remember as ‘normal’ and we find ourselves being able to attend groups, functions, activities and knock-on neighbours’ and friends’ doors once again to share cups of tea and conversation. “Knock on wood” that this can continue…. Unfortunately we have also seen a return of other sorts of less desirable social life emerge from lockdown as well – I will cover 3 areas of particular concern below. 

Door knockers”: Village Baxter never ever gives businesses permission to ‘door knock’ in the Village. The only time Village Baxter allows people onto our property to knock on Residents’ doors, is once every 5 years for the Census, and at that time we will give you plenty of warning when the census collectors are coming and how you can check that they are legitimate. To be very clear – the Village never ever gives permission for window cleaners, car cleaners, salespeople etc. to walk around the Village property and knock on doors to sell their products and services. You can 100% guarantee if a person comes to your door and offers to clean your windows or your car they do not have permission from the Village to be on our property selling their goods and services.

If you choose to use a private business for a private task such as window or car cleaning, please make it very clear to the person you are employing that they cannot go to your neighbours and door knock to offer their services. Unfortunately we recently had one incident where a person offering to clean windows become quite “forceful” in offering their services and even asked the Resident to go to the bank to get money to pay them. The Resident said no and they didn’t keep money in the Unit.

Builders and Contractors”: Builders and contractors are permitted to start work onsite at 7am. If you see people appear to be working in our fenced off building sites during the night please call 000 immediately. Unfortunately one of our building site sheds was recently vandalised and plumbing equipment stolen between 5:30 and 6:30 am by very legitimate looking “workmen” complete with high-viz clothing and flashing lights. If you see something that does not look right, please say something.

Scammers”: Police have reported a significant increase in scam-based activity with scammers using the pandemic to take advantage of people. The most common scams look like emails or texts from the ATO, Centrelink or GOV or myGov and ask you to click a link that looks real but will take you to a scam page that will steal your personal information.  Scamwatch has received over 6415 reports mentioning Covid in the last 12 months with Australians being scammed of more than $9,800,000 in this time – and we know that these numbers represent only a fraction of the real number because many people who do get scammed are too ashamed and embarrassed to report it. If you think you have been scammed, or want more information about scams, please visit

If you have an older mobile phone that the maker no longer supports with updates, your phone and the information on it are more vulnerable to viruses, hacking and data breaches. If you use your phone or tablet device to access the internet – (this includes connecting to Wifi) for things like playing games, banking, online shopping, social media etc, then please make sure you always have the latest software update – you can check if you are running the latest version of the software by looking in the settings menu. If your phone or device is old and the maker no longer provides software and security updates, I strongly encourage you to replace the device before using it to access the internet.

Prior to printing the June Edition, the Department of Health has advised of 15 connected Covid cases in the Northern Suburbs and we are all reminded of the fragility of our current relaxed restriction environment. Please remain Covid safe, wear your mask, check in EVERY SINGLE TIME you visit somewhere, get vaccinated for Covid and Seasonal Influenza and get tested as soon as you feel unwell, even if you have the very mildest of symptoms.  

Kim Jackson, CEO