Village Voice: October 2021

Expecting the Unexpected

Power outages  

The recent unplanned power outage caused by a lightning strike at the Eastern end of the Village followed later in September with planned power outages in three areas of the Village by United Energy for Frankston power grid maintenance have reminded us all of the importance of having a plan for these types of events.  

Things to include in your personal backup plan:

  • Keep a torch in the bedroom and main living area with extra batteries in a convenient location. Please do not rely on candles as these can cause fires as well as leaving sooty deposits on walls, furniture and surfaces from the chemicals used in many common candles.
  • In winter, it’s also a good idea to keep a knee rug or blanket in the lounge so that you can keep warm until the power is restored and heater turned on.
  • In summer, if your unit is lovely and cool when the power goes off, remember to keep your doors and windows closed to keep the heat out. A handheld fan can also help.
  • If you don’t have a mobile phone, depending on the cause of the power outage, your landline may or may not work. We do have an 8 hour back up for the phone network, however if your handset requires power, it will not work.
  • The Nursecall system also has an 8-hour backup installed on its servers. In most power outages the Nursecall system should continue to work.
  • Even in Covid restrictions, you can still leave your home for safety reasons – if you need power for health related purposes, you can go to another person’s home, however you need to wear a mask and adhere to all the other relevant restrictions. 

Covid Testing 

If you have been to a Covid exposure site or need to be tested for symptom or hospital admission reasons and you cannot drive yourself to a covid testing centre, please call the Village Nurse who can arrange Peninsula Health to visit you in your unit for testing. If you don’t have a mobile phone number to receive the test result, you can use the Village Nurse mobile and they will call you with your result when it comes through.  

Unplanned Hospital Admission 

It’s a very good idea to keep a small bag already packed with some essential supplies in case you need to go to hospital unexpectedly. A change of underwear, night clothes, comfortable day clothes to wear home, basic toiletries, and a list of your current medications, Doctors name and your next of kin name and contact details are good items to keep in the bag. If you have an advanced care plan, medical power of attorney or are receiving treatment under a specialist, you should also keep a copy of these documents in the bag as well.  

If you have a cat or bird, you need to have your own backup plan for their care and feeding as they cannot remain in the unit when you are not there.  

Please do not take your Nursecall pendant with you. The Nursecall system will send alerts to our maintenance office advising that the pendant has lost contact with the nurse call system and these will continue until the pendant has returned to the Village. This part of the nurse call system ensures we are aware if a battery goes unexpectedly flat, however it also triggers when the pendant loses contact for other reasons.

It is important that you know where your pendant alarm is located and where the fixed wall alarms are in your unit. Sometimes things can get placed in front of them and in an emergency it’s easy to forget where they are located. Please don’t keep your pendant in your kitchen drawer… in the lounge during the day and beside the bed are the best places to keep them if you don’t wear the pendant.  

Take care, stay safe,  

Kim Jackson, CEO