Village Voice: September 2021

September Q & A

It has been sometime since we were able to host a meeting in person, so I thought that I would write a Q&A style article for this month’s Village Voice based on questions I have had from individual Residents that may be of interest to all Residents.

Q: Does the Village Public Liability Insurance extend to visitors in my unit?

A: Generally speaking, Public Liability Insurance provides protection for damages resulting from the Village’s actions and activities. It does not cover your private activities, for example if a guest tripped and fell over something you left on the floor in your unit.

Q: Can I ask that only Carers who have had Covid Vaccination provide services to me in my unit?

A: Yes you can make the request. If you receive care services through a Home Care Package, Council help, private carer etc you can make a request of the company who arranges those services for you to only send people who have had Covid Vaccination.

Q: Can you please remind Residents about what can be flushed down the drains or toilets in their units?

A: Recently we had a sewerage system pump stop and go into alarm and when the plumbers opened the pit and accessed the pipes and pump they found the whole pipe was blocked with cleaning or baby wipes, microfibre mop heads and huge amounts of cooking fat and food that all had been flushed down sinks and toilets. For both environmental reasons and to ensure that we do not have sewerage blockages, please only flush human waste and toilet paper down toilets. Food and cooking oil / grease should be placed in the rubbish not washed down sinks. Any form of fabric wipes, continence aids, hygiene products, cloths or mop heads should also be placed in rubbish bins. 

Q: Can you please share information about Friendline with Residents?

A: Friendline is a free conversation service staffed by volunteers. If you are feeling rather isolated and lonely at any time, in particular during lockdown, you can call  9663 2740 between 10am and 8pm and chat with a volunteer. You can also access their online chat between 5pm and 8:30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is an anonymous and confidential service provided by Friends for Good who are a not-for-profit community organisation focusing upon freeing people from loneliness. If you are interested in becoming a Friendline volunteer yourself, please visit their website

Q: I live on my own and I miss seeing my son – what can I do?

A: If you live on your own, and do not share your unit with anyone else, the current Covid Safe restrictions permit you to nominate one person to be your single person social bubble and for them to visit with you in your home. There are no time limits on these visits and the 5km restriction does not apply however the visitor needs to wear a face mask. The person you nominate does not need to be single themselves and can be one of your adult children who lives more than 5km away. Please see the information on the Coronavirus website for more details‘single-social-bubble

Q: What is happening with Residents’ meetings and the Annual General Meetings?

A: Your elected Village Baxter Resident Committee (VBRC) has continued to meet throughout the last 12 months either in person or by Zoom video conference. The Annual General Meeting of Residents will be held on 28th of September and will also be via Video meeting again this year. Information on this meeting was sent to you in a separate letter and email and more information about the VBRC elections is contained in this edition of Village Voice..

Q: What is happening with Open Day this year?

A: Open Day has been cancelled for 2021. We had hoped to be able to host a Covid safe style Open Day, however with the current outbreaks and crowd restrictions it is simply not possible again this year.

Take care. I look forward to seeing you again in person soon.

Kim Jackson, CEO