Village Voice: December 2022

Like a treasure hidden in the field

Each year our Board reviews our mission, vision and values statements and our work against their guidance.

It has been a long time since we made any refinements to the words of these important documents and the time had come to rephrase our values to better articulate them as measurable behaviours that we expect our people to demonstrate as they deliver and receive care and services.

Reflecting on the existing words and values statements, we were able to stay true to what it is as a company we value and found words within the existing statements that better described what it is we wanted to highlight and measure ourselves against, clearly defined expectations for everyone around how our staff deliver care and services supports a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

The Mission that guides us:
We are committed to providing high quality care, accommodation and service.

The Vision we desire to create:
A trusted leader serving our community with every person cared for, every person valued.

The Values we hold:
Our organisation is guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, respect, compassion and transparency. 

We value Dedication:
We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to us.

We value Dignity:
Through respect, concern and thoughtfulness, we uphold the safety and dignity of each person.

We value Excellence:
With courage and confidence we inspire and nurture the desire for excellence.

We value Contribution:
We each use our individual skills, knowledge and capacity to contribute to the Village community.

We value Support:
We respect and recognise each person’s identity, lifetime of experience and knowledge as we collaborate together to support our collective wellbeing.

As we enter the Christmas / New Year Period of celebration and reflection I hope that you and your loved ones are able to gather and enjoy all the joy and blessings of the season. 

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas from the Board, Management and Staff at Village Baxter.

Kim Jackson, CEO