Village Voice: June 2022

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”
– Heraclitus

Easy Change

As I write this, I am sitting in my study working from home, after more than 2 years of successfully avoiding Covid, I am one of the 68,426 Victorians that have registered a positive Covid test in the last week. The pandemic has seen huge change in working from home arrangements for office based staff and now, with my office phone diverted to my mobile, the ability to directly log into the servers at work and access all of my files online, having Microsoft Teams open to video or real time chat with staff and hold meetings and the staff to be able to see if I am active at my workstation or away from my desk, it has made working from home a very productive option for times this like. Working from home while I am Covid positive has been easy change

Difficult Change

Some other changes are harder and although they are well considered, evidence based and the right decision, they are exceptionally difficult. Consolidating the Village’s Residential Aged Care Services down from two buildings to one and closing the Lodge has been difficult and the focus has been on supporting the Residents, families and Staff through this transition. When we announced the decision in mid-May, there were 19 vacant beds between the Manor and Lodge and no one on the waiting list that was suitable to move in because people want to stay at home with support packages. We had over 100 vacant shifts between the 2 rosters that were not permanently assigned to a staff member, it was abundantly clear we did not have the demand from the Village to have 2 on-site Aged Care Homes, we only needed one and we could fully staff one. This would also address the looming problem when the funding model changes in October and we would need to be accommodating much more dependent Residents in the original part of the Lodge that was never built to predominantly support fully immobile and dependent Residents. 

Perpetual Change

The Aged Care system has always been in state of transformation, and it forever will be as society responds to technological and generational changes. However, the needs of retirees stay the same – the majority are fully independent, a growing number who require domestic and personal care to remain independent and then a small group who are fully dependent upon daily nursing and personal care. The funding models, regulations and eligibility criteria will ebb and flow as governments and economic conditions fluctuate over time and providers will respond as best they can to adapt business models and offerings to meet the demands of customers and regulators. 

No Change

Please be reassured that the Village will continue to provide these services to meet all 3 of these needs with our independent living units, Home and Community Care Programs and our Residential Aged Care Home – “The Manor”.

The Café will remain open, and we are in the process of working through the transition from Catercare to Village Staff.

Take care, stay warm, isolate if you are unwell or if your RAT is positive. Fully vaccinated people will often have an immune response (symptoms) very soon after exposure to the virus – this is exactly what is supposed to happen as it shows the vaccine is working and your immune system is ready and responding immediately. However, you may not RAT positive until a couple of days later as the RAT test looks for the proteins that are secreted by the multiplying virus so please stay home if you have symptoms. Influenza, Gastroenteritis and Covid are all currently circulating at high levels in the wider community – please contribute to the community efforts to stop the chain of transmission and be sure to isolate if you have symptoms of any of these.

Take care,

Kim Jackson, CEO