Village Voice: May 2022

Resident Survey Results

Thank-you to the 213 Resident’s who responded to our 2022 Village Baxter Resident Survey. This was over a 50% response rate which is higher than we have seen in some time. 95% of Residents Strongly Agreed (80%) or Agreed (15%) that they were happy with their decision to move in which is a wonderful overall result during what has been a very difficult 2 years.

168 Residents identified that they were full or part pensioners, 25 as self-funded retirees and 20 chose not to provide information. This is a very pleasing result and confirms our long term and ongoing commitment to providing Retirement Living that is affordable for retirees who rely on the Aged Pension as their source of income.
All data has been rounded up to the nearest whole number. Occasionally this may result in a total of 101% but this does not impact the overall results.
Through the 4 written response questions that asked for best things about the village, areas we need to improve, additional details and any positive negative feedback that the Residents wants to the CEO to know, there were: 

  • 218 positive feedback comments given 
  • 21 suggestions to improve our general staffing in the Community Centres 
  • 43 suggestions to improve our Gardens, Grounds and Maintenance Services 
  • 26 suggestions to improve our Community Centres and facilities 
  • 7 suggestions to improve our bus service 
  • 13 comments on service fees 
  • 7 comments on speeding 
  • 15 suggestions about developments 
  • 18 General suggestions 
  • 7 comments about Covid Vaccination Laws  
  • 2 comments about the Residents Committee
  • 22 suggestions to improve the Café services 

The Village Baxter Residents’ Committee have been provided with the fill list of written responses and the Retirement Living Manager will work with the Committee on the survey responses.  Kim Jackson, CEO will monitor this process closely. The results to the remainder of the survey questions are provided below: